Crypto Investable Indices
Digital Smart Investment Mandate
MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. Our long term aim is to aggregate all crypto financial services into one place.
The platform is designed to service entities' and individual's needs in the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital banking, crypto research and ICO promotion, and crypto lending.
Intro to the MPCX Platform
The MPCX Platform will be developed in three stages:
Stage 1 – the digital wealth management platform
Stage 2 – the cryptocurrency exchange
Stage 3 – the digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms
MPCX's unique products are tailored to our clients including Investable Crypto Indices and the Digital Smart Investment Mandate.
At the end of the third stage of the development of the MPCX Platform we will have implemented the following ecosystem:
The MPCX solution
Onboarding, KYC, AML
Payment Solutions
Digital Wealth Management Platform
Digital Asset Exchange
Custody and Wallets
Trading Solutions
ICO Research & Promotion platform
MPCX Product Platform
MPCX crypto lending platform
Three crypto investable indices, crypto AI fund, crypto ETNs, ICOs.
Digital cryptocurrency exchange in aggregated liquidity in the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.
MPCX's ICO promotion and research platform will offer two level access to ICOs with full industry coverage.
MPCX's crypto lending platform will include borrower scoring and match loans with lenders potential.
Fully digital client onboarding to reduce costs and provide clients' with friendly services.
Custody and wallet solutions to provide secure safekeeping of clients' funds.
Crypto payments, transactions and banking solutions.
MPCX's Trading Solutions will give full access to the product platform and crypto exchange, arbitrage system, trading terminal and reporting.
A Digital Wealth Management Platform will offer roboadvisory Digital Smart Investment Mandate, automatic portfolio rebalancing, crypto lending strategies and reporting.
We have ambitious plans to disrupt and change the financial industry and we intend to realise them in three stages.
1Q 2017
First Stage: Digital Wealth Management (DWM) Platform
Research and Idea validation
4Q 2017
First Infrastructure solution with crypto assets
Dec 2017
Began ICO preparation process
May 2018
Pre ICO. Hard Cap.
ETH 1 000
First ICO Round
Hard Cap
ETH 12 500
MVP release before the end of Q2
Dec 2018
Digital Smart Investment Mandate
3 Crypto investable indices
AI Crypto Fund
Crypto ETNs
Custody and Wallets
Jul 2018
We have ambitious plans to disrupt and change the financial industry and we intend to realise them in three stages.
Dec 2018
Second Stage: MPCX's Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading
Second ICO round hard cap ETH 25 000
2Q 2019
Digital Crypto Exchange
4Q 2019
MPCX Trading Terminal
We have ambitious plans to disrupt and change the financial industry and we intend to realise them in three stages.
Dec 2019
Third Stage: MPCX Banking, Regulated Wealth Management and P2P Crypto lending
Third ICO round hard cap ETH 40 000
2Q 2020
Payments and Banking Solutions
4Q 2020
Regulated Wealth
2Q 2021
Lending Platform
Meet our team
Iurii Riabykin, CFA, MCSI
Iurii Riabykin, CFA, MCSI is a highly qualified and experienced investment specialist and the member of several best respectable and recognizable investment societies around the Globe. He has built an incredible career in financial markets as the Equity market professional and Wealth and Portfolio Manager.
Phil Millo
Alex Kozak
Founder at MPCX Platform & CEO
Founder at MPCX Platform
CLO & Co-founder
Phil Millo is a highly experienced entrepreneur, financial professional, crypto structuring and portfolio construction expert, family office investor, blockchain and ICO advisor as well as public speaker with more than 25 years of successful experience.
Phil is a member of the UK Government's 'APPG Blockchain' community.
In the 90s he was a technology leader and was voted one of the top 100 most important people to have driven the first decade of the commercial internet.
Alex is a senior legal advisor and co-founder of the project. Alex started his legal career as an intellectual property lawyer, which followed 10+ years' exposure to international natural resources sector. Recently Alex has been advising several UK start-ups in different stages of development, mostly in financial sector.
Md. Sadek Ferdous, PhD
Md. Sadek is an experienced Blockchain technical expert with more than 10 years of research and development practice.
In addition to active advisory position at MPCX, Sadek currently working in a project involving identity and blockchain technology at the Imperial College Business School.
Sadek was the first Technology Fellow at The UK Cabinet Office till the end of January 2018.
Sumit Kumar Pradhan
Roman Korinevski
Chief Technical Advisor
Community Manager
Marketing Executive
A proficient community manager, with a deep understanding of blockchain applications. Sumit is leading the charge to share a wealth of information and valuable ideas from the MPCX Platform with a wider global audience of Crypto Community.
Roman Korinevski is the creative part of our team. He began his ascent to the "Сareer Olympus" in the banking sector. Roman always paid special attention to innovative approaches in marketing.
In addition to active role at MPCX Roman is a marketer in the largest financial holding company in Russia.
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